Salary and welfare

1. a)Comprehensive Social insurance, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, injury insurance and maternity insurance; b)housing fund;
2. Accident insurance for special and unordinary position such as driver or legwork;
3.Annual leave:Employees serving more than one year can enjoy paid annual leave. In the first three working years, employees can enjoy 7-days annual leave. From the forth working year on, employees can take 11-days annual leave.
4.Each employee has the opportunity of getting reassignment and promotion.
5.Recreational activities are organized irregularly like playing badminton on Saturday.
6.Other benefits like holiday subsidy, activities and annual travel, year-end bonus etc. (based on company's business condition and individual performance).

Recruitment: Overseas BDD specialist & Market development specialist

1. College degree or above, open to male/female, aged above 22 years old.
2. Experienced in working in Shenzhen or surrounding areas more than 2 years, same industry working experience is preferred.
3. Sincerity, enthusiasm, optimism and good team spirit are required.
4. Excellent foreign language skill and ability are preferred.