OCEAN FREIGHT is one of the company’s main business. MRF has a service network around the country, and all over the world. It has cooperated with COSCO, CMA, MSK, MSC, OOCL, EMC, HMM, HPL, YML, ONE and other famous international shipping companies for many years. Moreover, it has also built up strong corporation relationship with them in order to achieve the economic of scale, and provide best price and higher quality of service to customers. After developing for many years, MRF has trained a large scale of experienced maritime professionals, who can offer the best solutions and high quilty services for ocean freight.

Booking Agent

     Provide comprehensive import and export container shipping services, with a service network all over the world.


     Cooperate with a number of profession
al container domestic transportation companies and MRF is developing its own container fleet.

Special cabinet

     Provide all kinds of special cabinet services, such as freezers, open top cabinets, flat cabinets, etc.

Customs declaration, insurance

     With a professional customs declaration and inspection team, we can provide all kinds of corporate customers with high-quality customs declaration, commodity inspection, bulk cargo entry supervision warehouse, phytoplankton, fumigation certificate, certificate of origin (F/A, C/O), in insurance business and other services.


     Managers with first-class storage equipment, rich storage management experience and professional knowledge can provide customers with economical, safe, accurate and timely storage services, guarantee the safety of customers' goods to the greatest extent and save customers' costs to the greatest extent. The company adopts an advanced warehouse management information system, and implements the entire process of resource planning, customer management, report and statistical analysis and other management for each link of the warehousing process, and realizes the network internationalization of warehousing operation process and management.

The system

     The company adopts advanced warehouse management information system to implement the whole process of resource planning, customer management, report forming, statistical analysis and other management in each link of storage. It achieved informationization of the storage operation process and management.


     Air freight is one of the company's main businesses. With a nationwide air transportation service network, it has strong operational capabilities in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Xiamen and other important airports, and also has established good cooperative relations with many well-known airlines at home and abroad. These include EK /TK /CV /LH /CX /AF /SQ /QF /NZ /UPS /TG /PO /RU /SU /CI/AY CA/CZ /HU /MH. MRF has a large scale of experienced transportation professionals, who are familiar with the operation of air ports around the world and all kinds of cargo transportation processes, and provide all kind of air services to meet customer’s needs. Companies adhere the purpose of " Respect customers and love goods, integrity first, being professional " to provide customers with air export, customs clearance, warehousing, loading and unloading, ground transportation, goods packaging and other comprehensive logistics services. Facing the ever-changing international freight development environment, we continue to develop new business models, improve the global network, increase the quality and efficiency, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goals of customers.

The railway

     As a key part of The Belt and Road of China, China-Europe freight train has become a competitive logistics business. With it’s character of short distance, high speed and high level of safety, China-Europe freight train has became more and more popular in international logistics. The company has already built a tight cooperation with the railway company and the operating company. According to the cross-border market demand, MRF opened the special line service and built a high-quality, experienced professional team, which is good at organizing the transportation of large-scale project equipment and bulky goods. Through the tight cooperation with China-Europe Railway container trains, MRF meet customers' transportation needs in railway freight business to the larger extent.

Trade Routes

The global network

      MRF focuses on the global freight forwarding industry, and has been working in the Mediterranean and European markets for many years. It continuously developed overseas markets such as the United States line, and the global overseas agent network. Through long-term high integrity, high efficiency and high quality of service, MRF has established strategic partnership with thousands of agents around the world, and provided high quality service to customers at home and abroad continuously.
       MRF has established tight bonding with the top shippers in the world. It set up its own exclusive offices in many countries at home and abroad, and takes the advantages of local resources to provide customers with diversified and high-quality products and services.
      MRF team is composed of mature, responsible and efficient employees, who have a bachelor's degree or above and powerful language. The team has a scientific organizational structure. It provides customized and differentiated VIP services to customers at home and abroad through the exclusive service mode of variable routes. MRF had a market reputation at home and abroad. In the new world of the economy, MRF is accelerating its overseas market share , improving quality and efficiency, and developing steadily.